About Edcon



Our strategy is underpinned by four key levers: comparable store growth, new space growth, margin expansion and credit.

We aim to improve revenue by growing comparable store sales and increasing new space growth, as we continue to roll out additional stores in South Africa and other African countries.

We strive to leverage the benefit of these increased volumes by improving the margin on our sales. Our ability to offer credit through our strategic relationship with Absa Bank Limited (Absa) will enhance customers’ access to the products we sell.

Strategy - key levers

Our vision is to ensure that Edcon’s stores remain "The Places to Go" in our chosen markets and to entrench our position as southern Africa’s largest non-food retailer.

The Places to Go!

Our core values are people, integrity, performance  and professionalism, all of which are never compromised, in the pursuit of strategic growth.

People:  Value our employees and customers, and treat them with respect.
Integrity:  Be open, honest and fair.
Performance:  We don’t just strive for excellence, we outperform.
Professionalism:  Approach every day with personal accountability and commitment.